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First Wednesday in July

Once a year, the picturesque village of Bingsjö in Sweden transforms into the beating heart of Swedish folk music. Held on the first Wednesday in July since 1969, Bingsjö Folk Music Festival (Bingsjöstämman), is a natural meeting point for leading Scandinavian folk musicians and music lovers from all over the world.

Through this immersive, high-end VR experience – complete with cutting edge surround audio – viewers from all over the world will be instantaneously transported into the deep pine forests of Dalarna Province, able to experience the sounds, rhythms and the visual be- auty of the festival for themselves.


Director: Axel Grigor
Writer: Axel Grigor
Producers: Axel Grigor and Karolina Berkell-Kirk
VR operator/Consultant: Benjamin Richards
Editor: Benjamin Richards