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Into the Blue

Thirteen year old Julija and her mother flee their abusive household to find refuge on an idyllic Croatian island where Julija grew up.  Emotionally scarred, Julija is desperate to reconnect with her best friend, Ana.  But Ana is in love with a boy and Julija is no longer a priority.  Ana’s mounting rejection re-ignites Julija’s wounds and family history, awakening the monster of violence she thought she’s left behind.


Director: Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic
Writer: Christina Lazaridi
Producers: Zoran Dzeverdanovic | Vlaho Krile | Barbara Vekaric
Co-producer: Karolina Berkell-Kirk
Composers: Evgueni Galperine | Ivan Marinovic
Editor: Minji Kang
Director of Photography: Marko Brdar